• Extended beginning trial period.
  • Customize your payments to suit your needs and budget.
  • Considerable discounts for early payoff.
  • Apply your rental equity towards a beginning instrument or step up instrument.
  • School approved band instruments.
  • Quality name brand instruments.

 A bad instrument is a very bad reason for any child to lose interest in music.

The decision to play a musical instrument is one that can benefit your child for a lifetime. Learning to play an instrument provides development on many levels.

  • Teaches self-discipline
  • Rewards effort with the pride of accomplishment
  • Develops fine motor skills and
  • Enables abstract thinking
  • Teaches applied mathematics
  • Develops hand-eye coordination
  • Builds self-confidence
  • Teaches the value of teamwork

And, of course, learning to play an instrument teaches about the fascinating world of music... which means
that it can simply be...

The Smarter Starter Band Pack

Each instrument band pack includes:

Music stand
Instrument Care Kit
Maintenance Guide
Reeds (Clarinet and Sax only)
Metronome (Drums Only)

  • Quality name brand instruments.
  • New and Used Beginning and Step Up Instruments.
  • Large selection of reeds, care kits, mouthpieces, instrument cleaning supplies, cases and much more.
  • Your local dealer for the NEW Juno Reeds, designed and manufactured by Vandoren.
  • Smart Music software and mics.
  • Juno Reeds

  • As many weekly visits to school as necessary.
  • Team of music educators available to assist with recruiting, demonstrations & testing.
  • Inventory maintenance program.
  • Soloist step-up program. Payments starting at $40.00.
  • Smart Music software and mics.
  • Partnering with Pellegrino Music to offer the best products and pricing.
  • Instrument leasing programs.
  • Fast turnaround on repairs.
  • Competitive bidding on repairs & instruments

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